PURE JUNK: Self-titled: 7”

Nov 02, 2015

Who the fuck is this?And since when does the internet know nothing about something? I fucking love that. A band that doesn’t give a fuck about social media presence. Just drops a scorching record out into the world and leaves you wondering what the fuck just happened. Even the label’s website offers zero information, not even how to buy the record! In a world where even the crustiest of bands is selling themselves online, there’s an old school-inspired punk band doing the exact opposite. I’m seriously tempted to follow the band’s lead and not say anything at all about the music, but I have to, it’s that fucking good. But I’ll keep it simple and to the point: this is ripping Black Flag-inspired hardcore punk rock. Ballsy, wild, guitar-driven madness, a singer that fucking means it, and some good old fashioned New York shit-talking (don’t smile Los Angeles, they nail you, too). If this turns out to be the goddamn Foo Fighters doing their best “punk” impression, then I fucking quit. But if the blurry photos are to be believed, these are four normal punk dudes hammering their way up my 2015 top ten list. Fuck yes!

 –Chad Williams (Dead Celebrity, dead-celebrity.com, [email protected])

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