Showdown! The Mojomatics vs. Pure Country Gold! Two badass two piecers that ramp, jamble, and pounce back to the beginning of rock’n’roll without the Fonzie farts or 2008 rockabilly by way of the stale “rebel sins” of Sha-na-na-isms. This is what I like about rock’n’roll: direct, fun, explosive. I know I’m going all over on this, but if Scared Of Chaka or the New Bomb Turks were a two piece. Or if Chuck Berry was a two piece. Or if fun was never outlawed in the lower forty-eight states. Or if Southern Culture On The Skids didn’t market themselves as the hick B-52’s. Let’s pretend that electronica and emo were never invented together, and with Pure Country Gold, that’s pretty damn easy.

 –todd (Green Noise, www.greennoiserecords.com)