Jul 05, 2001

This is acid-drenched punkrock wackiness at its most frenzied, fucked-up, spastic, noisy, and bizarre... it's a crazed crossbred cacophony of the Butthole Surfers, Dead Milkmen, Circle Jerks, Germs, and The Paper Tulips all anally plundering each other and then voraciously splooging into the open wax-encrusted ears of society's most undesirable malcontents (yep, soused-silly social rejects like you and me!). The zapped-out zaniness of such wildly warped song titles as "Bunni Prays for Death," "I Wanna Do Cocaine," "Soundtrack to Bloody Carpet #3," "Emilio's Crankin the Rock," "Ded Man Don't Eat Fuk," "Hula Man," "Oh Shit! I Thought You Were That Other Dog Person," "Yr Boring When Yr In Love," "Old Man with the Electric Toolbelt," "Bucky's on His Back," and "Blackout Gonorrhea Madness" descriptively add even more of a sick and twisted element to the maniacal audial lunacy contained herein. P.V.D. are loud, sloppy, disjointed, and musically chaotic... a frenetically enjoyable listen, indeed! Now I just wanna be strapped into a straightjacket and tossed into a padded cell where these madly demented ditties are constantly played 24/7...

 –Roger Moser Jr. (Puppy Vs. Dyslexia, 812 W. 3rd St., Bloomington, IN 47404)