PUNKS! PUNKS! PUNKS! #5: $2, 8 ½” x 11, 20 pgs.

Mar 23, 2012

From out of Danville comes this zine that sheds a little light on what’s happening up in the Bay Area. A lot of humor mixed in here, which is a nice change, and, strangely enough, something you don’t see much of anymore in zines. The “punk points” thing is kind of wrung dry by the end of the issue, though. But I guess it’s popular. Even the record reviews are judged on this criteria. I think Larry Livermore started that shit a long time ago as a way of being passive aggressive. You get letters from readers, a newsletter that’s a show review of No Statik and Needles at Gilman. Then there are the interviews. Though they don’t get deep or personal, they are still entertaining. I want to hear the band Noose after reading their interview, and the fact they have a shirt that says “Hang ‘em if they’re high” makes me even more interested. Also interviewed are Needles, Peace, and a short one with Rollins. Interested to see/read how this one will develop over time. –M.Avrg (33 Leonard Ct, Danville, CA 94526)

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