Punk Rock Holocaust: DVD

Feb 26, 2007

This is essentially a promo video for the Warped Tour, featuring footage of some of the bands that performed on the 2003 tour, tied together with a pathetic gore-splattered “plot” involving a serial killer offing assorted band members and fans. Frankly, I haven’t seen something punk related this asinine, this embarrassing, and this downright stupid and so chock full of poseurs since Chips and Quincy were on the air. This may be “punk rock” to the clueless masses that buy Blink 182 shirts at the mall, but to the rest of us, it’s a sad reminder that most “straight” folk these days see punks not for the threat to societal mores they once were, but as a toothless, safe, alternative to more morally corrupting bands like Backstreet Boys. Avril Lavigne fans can rest assured; this waste of technology is right up your alley and is sailing right out of my window as we speak. –Jimmy Alvarado (Springman, PO Box 2043, Cupertino, CA 95015)