PUNCTURE: “Mucky Pup” b/w “You Can’t Rock and Roll”: 7”

Sep 23, 2011

If you’ve gotta make one important contribution to punk rock’s legacy, a band can do far worse than “Mucky Pup.” The tune, likely best known for the Exploited’s cover of it on their Punk’s Not Dead album, is a primitive, atonal squawk featuring obnoxious lyrical brilliance like, “I pick my nose/and I eat it up/I’m a real humdinger/I’m a mucky pup.” Unlike bands like Alberto Y Los Trios Paranoia, who were little more than rock bands trying to take the piss outta punk, Puncture seemed more of a punk band just trying to take the piss; a minor distinction, maybe, but one worth noting. The flip, “You Can’t Rock and Roll (in a Council Flat),” is a bit more melodic, relying on a more, uh, traditional rock feel (punctuated by some minimalist synth) to relate its tale of woe. Though at least “Mucky Pup” is available on a comp here and there, it’s definitely nice to see the whole package on vinyl again, even if the cat who put it out got a bit overzealous with his “promo” stamp—I know you wanna make it clear, but twenty goddamned stampings plus “Razorcake Promo” Sharpied across the top back of the cover? Not one for subtlety, apparently.

 –jimmy (Last Laugh)