PUNCH IN THE FACE: Self-titled: 7"

May 27, 2009

This will be one of the hottest, sought after punk releases this year. This band features Ebro from Charles Bronson/Los Crudos fame on vocals. Also, it is being released by Martin (Los Crudos/ Limp Wrist) on Lengua Armada. That alone should get you little punkers out there purchasing. I listened to this thing and a weird sense of familiarity came over me. I immediately recognized track two on side A, "Beer Cold, TV Loud, Homosexuals Flaming," but couldn’t remember who originally played it. It drove me nuts! I dove into my record collection and could not find the source. I know this song. I think it’s from an ‘80s comp that I have. Are the other songs covers too? I am perplexed and I know I have to go to the punk encyclopedia himself, my brother. If he doesn’t know, I’m fucking crazy. I went to my brother's and played him the track and he said it sounded like Mecht Mensch or Koro. He went to his vaults and pulled out the EPs. We listened to both and the sound is similar but it’s not the exact song. I felt defeated and went back home. I dug through the collection again for hours. No luck. I looked through my music index one more time and it struck me once I saw Suburban Voice. PITF was on the SV comp No Sleep for Hardcore and played the exact song. I forgot that this comp was on regular rotation in my CD player for a few months. I feel so stupid. My mind is rotting and time has become a blur.

 –don (Lengua Armada)

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