PUMPERS, THE: Untitled: 7”

May 26, 2008

I must admit that my expectations for this disc were quite low before I actually listened to the disc. A silly band name, bland cover “art” (the eyes of the four band members cut out of their faces over a black background, with the rest of the snapshot on the other side), and trite track titles (hasn’t “Let Go” already been used a dozen times before, including as an Avril Lavigne album?) do not produce much potential for success. However, I was pleasantly surprised once the needle met the grooves: discordant and raw garage punk with mangy vocals that appears to have been recorded five feet away from the equipment in an echoing room. This means that the band has to play as loudly and energetically as possible to compensate for the physical gap between the band and the equipment. Aside from the background caterwauling that sounds like a frantic siren, there are also a few hints of surf rock here and there in the songs. Those minor flourishes are enough to separate this work from similar sounding efforts. Plus, extra points for the brown vinyl of my copy, which has the finish of a classy coffee table. It makes me want to invest in a nice lamp and some oversized art books. 

 –guest (Wallride)

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