PULLEY: Together Again for the First Time: CD

Aug 14, 2009

What is up with Epitaph? Have they gotten too big to send a promo that is a full packaged product? It’s bad enough that the postage rates around the world have gotten super expensive that many labels aren’t sending the releases in a jewel case. They sent me a release with a blank CD and a generic Epitaph cardstock cover that is labeled with a laser label. I hope that they know that most music reviewers for zines are regular fans and we like to have the total package. I don’t mind buying a jewel case, but when I can’t actually read something while I’m listening to it, it takes away from the experience. That point aside, I have a soft spot for Pulley. So far, the three previous releases I have enjoyed. I used to hang out with Scott, the singer, about 15 years ago when he sang for Scared Straight and was still in high school. But I slowed down on how often I would go to shows and he went to play major league baseball and went on to singing for Ten Foot Pole. My opinion on this is that this is more of a mature release for them. It is more mid-tempo and more focused on musicianship. I can’t tell you about the lyrics since I have nothing. But I know from the past that the lyrics are generally well thought out and come across the same here. For fans of Pulley, they will continue to support them. For those new to punk, this is good release to get if you are not into the more aggressive genres of the music. I like it, but what does that count for?

 –don (Epitaph)

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