PUG UGLIES, THE: Minimum Wage: CD

May 31, 2007

I know I’m supposed to review the music, but the one-sheet that accompanied this CD soured the fuck outta me. It namedrops a bunch of Boston punk bands and has a section for “Sales Points,” none of which are “band writes great songs and kicks ass live.” Ain’t that what’s supposed to sell the music? I don’t run a label, so what the fuck do I know? Perhaps this is a necessary evil. According to the one-sheet, “The Pug Uglies added four brand new songs to the self-released Go for Broke EP and renaming (sic) it Minimum Wage,” so some of this has been available before. What you get is fairly generic working class street punk with some flashes of pop catchiness (“Jinx”) and lots of songs with too-long intros and lyrics about drinking, kicking people in the nuts, and whipping ass (“Taken Away,” “Another Round, and “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”). We’ve all heard the other band that sings about “walking along the boulevard.” No, not THAT band, but none other than fuckin’ Air Supply. These guys certainly are tougher than Air Supply, but, as the Missus said, “It’s just boring.”

 –benke (Rebellion)