PUFFY AREOLAS: Gentleman’s Grip: 7”

Nov 15, 2011

This recording comes across as chaotic noise punk where echo-laden vocals are framed by overdriven guitars. “Gentleman’s Grip” has an infectious repetitive riff. The echo on the vocals causes the singer to hover a bit over the recordings. That sort of thing in generally a negative for me, but in this case it works as a growl-howl over chaos. I don’t know if this is what the band sounds like live, but the recording is interesting. The guitars are so overdriven that it creates a din as if Karp took a Butthole Surfers record to the studio as a reference. “Psychomania” has the same sort of dynamic though the song is more structured and metal-sounding. I might be over thinking the experimental nature of this recording. Whether it is intentional or not, it works.

 –Billups Allen (HoZac)