This band is from working class Lake County, a shithole that starts with Gary, Indiana and sprawls out cancerously into places like Hammond, which Public Assault calls home. It’s an ugly violent, dog eat dog, crime-ridden rustbelt hell, the kind of place where friends of mine played a show afterward to leave in a high-speed chase running from Nazi skinheads only to get their van t-boned in an intersection by someone in another high-speed chase with one perp trying to kill the other in a drug deal gone wrong. The runner that hit them died. His car and their van went up in flames. I lived in a nearby town called Lowell when I was a teenager and, honestly, think it has lot to do with why I’m still fucked up. But you don’t need to know this when you put on No Way Out; to feel their music comes from a dark place. It’s pure rage and survival they put into these four songs. Nothing new here, simply Minor Threat, Void, Agnostic Front-style hardcore but with such uncut anger and vitriol that it stands with the best of them. The lead singer shouts, spitting his frustration at “ignorance and violence fascism and racism and brutality.” He does so crudely and artlessly but with so much fervor with the band backing equally fast, dirty, and desperate. Get this to remember why you like hardcore and you’ll quickly forget hardcore not worth remembering. 

 –Craven Rock (Foreign Legion,