Nov 24, 2009

When I was a kid, there were these index card-sized collectible cards that came on glossy, heavy card stock and had pictures of different animals with a bunch of facts about them. This record sleeve reminds me of those cards: bright, glossy pictures on heavy card stock with pictures of a turtle on the Pteradon side, some birds on the New Trust side, and a dog on the inner sleeve. Anyway, what you have here with these two bands are a bunch of songs that we would have probably called emo ten years ago. Think of Promise Ring or Knapsack and you’re on the right track. Pteradon does theirs with raspy, Jeff Ott-esque vocals, a flirting trumpet, and some keyboard bleeps and bloops mixed in with some hardcore breakdowns to give it a little weight. The New Trust seems to have picked up where No Knife sadly left off. If you ever find yourself feeling nostalgic for the days when the bands on Big Wheel Recreation ruled the pages of Punk Planet, then this might be the release for you.

 –Jeff Proctor (Silver Sprocket,