May 10, 2007

Okay, where to go with this one? How about: I’m pretty sure this is the best demo I’ve ever received from Razorcake. Or: this spray painted, skips-like-fuck CD-R that plays on my stereo about half the time will most likely make my “Top Ten of 2007” list at the end of the year. Maybe this one’ll work: in only six songs, Pteradon manages to combine elements of post-punk, jazz, rock’n’roll, and mean-as-nails punk rock into three-minute crystalline bursts, distill it and serve it right back to you in a way that sounds entirely new. It’s riddled with hope, it’s melancholy as shit, and it’s all around just rad. They name-drop Black Flag, The Clash, and the Filth/Blatz Shit Split in their songs but sound nothing like any of those bands. At times the guitars meander and weave amongst each other (such as on “Iron Lung”) in a way that’d make Tonie Joy weep with, uh, joy, while in others (like the fuckin’ jaw-dropping opener, “Broadway”) they blaze and soar like lightning cracking the sky or some shit. How’s that for some crappy, ill-fitting imagery? This is the curse of the record reviewer: how easy it is to launch a salvo on a record you dislike, and how hard it is to explain it when you come across songs that sound unlike anything you’ve heard before but still send electricity up and down your spine the first and fiftieth time you hear them. For me, and for whatever reason, Pteradon is writing those songs right now. All six of ‘em are all over the map and yet perfectly gelled all at once: they manage to put five or six parts into a song that still forms into something seamless, coherent and, again, awesome. They’ve apparently signed to Asian Man, and nine times out of ten I’d say you should just wait until their official full-length comes out. This is apparently that tenth time, because with this band, I’d say fire ‘em off a nice letter and request the demo. It’s indescribable; I can’t tell you exactly what it is that they’re doing right, but the demo, man, it’s that good.

 –keith (Pteradon)