PSYCHO: Self-titled: CD + DVD

May 26, 2011

Hot on the heels of Welfare Records’ discography a few issues back comes this next installment, which features the You Love Us...You Hate Us LP, the Riches and Fame LP, the Fuck Off Live 7” EP and their side of the split 7” EP with Out Cold, all recorded between 1988 and 1991. By this time the boys were well past their humble sloppy/poppy punk beginnings and were meting out blast after blast of hyper-speed hardcore. Forty-three tracks of noggin-pummeling thrash that’s sure to make the most avid powerviolence fan piss their panties, and you get it served up by one of the best—and most underrated—bands in the game, plus a DVD of them ripping shit up back in 1987 for those who prefer to see from which direction the sonic brick is flying towards them.

 –jimmy (Ax/ction)

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