PSYCHO 78: Courting Disaster: CD

Nov 24, 2009

As soon as I start thinking I can review music just by looking at the cover art, a band like Psycho 78 comes along. First of all, they’re called Psycho 78, which made me think they’re in the horror business. The image of a corpse hand reaching out from the grave that adorns the cover cemented my impression that I was about to have my ears inundated with another Danzig wannabe. I braced myself. When the snotty bounce of “Status Quo” came from my speakers, I breathed a sigh of relief. Yeah, there are songs about PCP-injected rats and zombie proms, but most of the tunes fall firmly in the realm of goofball non-horror fun. My favorite is “San Francisco”: “People sleeping on the street/the coffee here just can’t be beat.”

 –mp (Bomb Blast)