Mar 08, 2010

Why in the hell hasn’t this been done before? It seems so simple: Let’s start a band that sounds like the Zero Boys, Angry Samoans, and the hardcore side of the Descendents. Talk about a no-miss idea! Well, Psyched To Die have done just that and the results are glorious. This collection of songs contains everything I love about hardcore punk: High energy playing, snotty vocals, and huge hooks. Why is this so hard to pull off, why are there so few bands that get it right? This band stands up to any band that you wanna name; they are that good. Every time I listen to “Permanent Solution” I have to check the credits to make sure it is not a long-lost cover. That song is an instant punk rock classic. All the rest of the tunes are great, including an actual long-lost cover of “Bummer Bitch” to complete the record. Pick up this collection or grab the singles while we hope for a full length. There could not be a higher recommendation for a new band than Psyched To Die.

 –frame (Dirtnap)