Jan 13, 2010

I’m guilty of an Erg-related bias, for sure. I just expect that anything those three fellows touch will turn to gold, and, really, I’ve yet to be disappointed. That’s no easy feat in Mike Yannich’s case, since it seems that he’s had a hand in about two hundred or so bands in the past few years, yet his track record remains killer. Psyched To Die, while definitely his biggest departure style-wise from The Ergs (although not too far), is no exception: Fast, American-style hardcore with plenty of melodic flourishes and super-memorable choruses. I feel one of the most important aspects when starting a band of this genre is that one refrains from choosing a particular band to emulate (which is often the case), and while there are certainly hints of some specific bands in these songs, Psyched To Die totally pulls off sounding like their own hardcore band. They also keep things catchy enough that they’ll transcend subgenres based on more than just the ex-members list. Really great.

 –Dave William (Dirtnap)