PSYCHED TO DIE: Scatter Brained: 7"

Mar 08, 2010

There is a long list of phobias that people have. Flying, heights, and spiders seem to be popular among a lot of people. While these fears aren’t totally irrational, they are statistically unlikely to cause most people harm. Myself, I’m scared of snakes, horribly so; however, I’ve seen one snake that was neither in a cage nor accompanied by another human being in my life. I was later told that snake was dead and headless—I still would’ve run if I had known it at the time. As anecdotal as my case may be, I think that it illustrates something particularly familiar: We oftentimes put a lot of energy and time into fearing relatively improbable situations, which would result in death if they occurred. Psyched To Die seem to have a fear, one that is more likely to occur with many people than being in a plane crash or being bit by a spider—even more likely than being in a fender bender—and it doesn’t result in physical death. Their fear seems to be mundanity, becoming milquetoast dogsbodies who are forever haunted by their lacking and debilitated by their inabilities to ever find happiness. It makes sense. I mean, what’s more attention-worthy: fear of having a rare cause of death or fear of being part of the mass of people leading lives of quiet desperation? As for the music, this 7” hits a little harder than the previous one, more doom and gloom. Each one of the four tracks is a simultaneously catchy and stressful hardcore punk tune. It’s quite possible that this one will wipe any trace of a smile off your face, but you’ll love it for doing so.

 –Vincent (Dirtnap)