PSOMNI: Minimalism: CD

Feb 05, 2009

Man oh man, this is a well-structured musical collage of exotic, lightly industrialized sounds with hypnotic soul-stirring flourishes of Eastern mysticism! It’s as if a shamanistic band of gothic electronic minstrels were performing in an alternate dimension in a sacred Hindu temple in Calcutta. Imagine The Cure, Bauhaus, and Jane’s Addiction being submerged in the spiritual holy waters of the GangesRiver for one mortal lifetime and then being reincarnated as an ethereal sonic swirling dervish that can never be tamed, quieted, or put to rest. Psomni are aurally omnipresent and as resplendently colorful as life itself. They are to my ears what frothy brewed nectar is to my soul. Now if you’ll please excuse me, I’m gonna turn off my mind, relax, and float downstream awhile.

 –guest (Spat!)