PSEUDO HEROES: Nostalgic Lies…: CDEP

Oct 09, 2006

At nine songs, this is the fattest EP this side of Star Jones’ wedding dress. Featuring Sam Williams III (Down By Law, Electro-Requiem) on guitar, keyboards, and vocals; Kevin Coss (Pink Lincolns) on bass and Carlos Collins on drums, this band has the chops to bring the rock. “Open Your Eyes & I’ll Close Mine” sports some sweet BOC type guitar and some powerhouse drumming by Collins. The title track has some nice bass blocks that give the song an English Beat type rhythm—very cool. “A Judgement Supreme” goes for broke and gives Minor Threat a run for their money. “Borrowed Bonds” features the more melodic side of the band—you’ll be humming this one for days. Have I mentioned every song yet? Okay—I’m high on Pseudo Heroes-so sue me!

 –koepenick (Double Bonus/123)