PROZACS, THE & THE GUTS: Sticking with It: Split 7”

Dec 13, 2007

The Prozacs play late ‘90s pop punk in the possibly beloved ((by someone)) Mutant Pop style, with WHOA-OHs and YEAHs and other artifacts of pimply hyperbole, theoretically derivative of maybe the Teen Idols or Beatnik Termites if the listener is feeling particularly charitable that day; they shall likely neither disappoint genre devotees nor convert the heretical. Their masterpiece is the song “In Love,” which consists, in its lyrical entirety, of the phrase “I’m in Love” repeatedly seemingly endlessly ((which begs the question of why they couldn’t have gone the whole nine yards and titled the song “I’m in Love”—oh well, i guess ya can’t give ‘em everything up front)). If the opposite of “progress” is “congress,” the opposite of “Prozacs” is obviously “Conzacs,” but the band on the dark side of the vinyl appears to be called The Guts instead. Counter intuitively, The Guts have a slightly more “mature” sound than the Prozacs, which means that they can cover a song Keith Richards wrote and get away with it. “It Ain’t Working out” is actually a pretty cool punk rock electro-acoustic ballad. It is difficult for me to word the phrase “if you liked the stuff on Mutant Pop Records you’ll probably like this” in a particularly ingenious manner. Good night. BEST SONG: “It Ain’t Working out” by The Guts, although on a better day i guess it’d be “In Love” by the Prozacs. BEST SONG TITLE: “It Ain’t Working out” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The Prozacs side of this record will not play unless i press down on the label with my finger as it spins.

 –norb (Cabana1)

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