PROTOMARTYR: Under Color of Official Right: LP

You like your music bleak? Look no further! Under Color of Official Right is the second full-length from Detroit four-piece Protomartyr. With fourteen tracks of sinister and angry post-punk, the music is unquestioningly tight, but Protomartyrʼs true power lies in their lyrics. Case in point: the chorus of the first song is “Don’t feel no love for anyone / Don’t feel no love for anything.” “Tarpeian Rock” is another highlight, with singer Joe Casey simply yelling a list of things he thinks should be thrown off a cliff, a list that includes (but is certainly not limited to) internet personas, rich crusties, and most bands ever. I almost started crying when I saw them live because I’ve never felt so sad while watching a band before. Highly recommended. 

 –Alanna Why (Hardly Art)