PROTOKIDS: Geometric Boy: 7”

Sep 19, 2013

Okay. So you and a bunch of your friends come into some serious money. Following in the footsteps of Lance Bass and other heroes, you decide to take capitalism to its most fun, extravagant limits and purchase a trip into the great unknown. Because you have a little extra cash, you are able to bribe the pilot to let you make a zero gravity trip montage and because you know what’s what and you want to really express the amazing, wild, cosmic time you are having, when you get home and start editing the video you know exactly what will make the perfect soundtrack: Protokids’ Geometric Boy 45. The title track comes zooming across the speakers as you bounce around the cabin freed from gravity, reveling in their trebly, wild abandon, and spazzy, light-hearted guitar lines that channel The Feelies and The Undertones simultaneously. Thank you Protokids for the anti-gravity punk. Don’t bring us back down.

 –Noah W.K. (Alien Snatch, [email protected],