Jan 11, 2011

Can’t believe I haven’t listened to this band until now. Fuggggg... Protestant reside somewhere between Artimus Pyle, His Hero Is Gone, and Kylesa. It’s heavy and crushing hardcore with some dissonant elements. The songs hit hard and leave a serious burn. The closer, “Retirement,” throws some rapid and direct punches at the beginning that will grab the listener’s attention, for sure. “Funeral” is my favorite of the nine, as it has a catchier riff and more epic structure. Lyrically, “Dustbowl” is the best, detailing the dissolution of small town, rural America due to corporations, developers, and other scum. The majority of the songs deal with the alienation of American life, the dehumanization of employment, and the feeling of losing control over one’s existence. These issues are all tied together and these guys do a good job of getting that point across. Hope I get to hear more in the future.

 –M.Avrg (Halo of Flies)