Milwaukee hardcore, but hardcore in spirit only. This is metal. Or at least a mix of crust, grindcore, and primitive black metal. Blast beats drive the record, with guitar leads more Immortal than Amebix and screamed vocals that would fit comfortably in either genre. None of this is a deterrent, just a grim warning. With music and lyrics as dark and apocalyptic as the record cover would indicate, this is not for the faint of heart. For those who dig Discharge and Napalm Death alike, this will work for you. As is often the case with filthy shit like this, some of the most compelling moments are those that slow down, hit a groove—if you can call it that—and let the riff become the focus, forcing a slow head bang before returning you to your previously pummeling program, already in progress. Brutal, bleak, and bloody good.

 –Chad Williams (Halo Of Flies,