Jul 25, 2008

When things started swirling around the global drain at the dawn of the Bush Regime, I was among those who thought that, at the very least, we’d get some great searing, political hardcore records coming out a la the early days of Reagan. Well, in the last eight (?!) years, nothing has really blown my mind on that front until now. Upon slapping The Prosthetics’ EP on the turntable I was taken back to an angry time in my youth. The music is simple yet brutally hard. No chugga-chugga metal here, just hardcore in the truest sense of the word. The lyrics aren’t growled; they’re very clear and delivered in a tone that is dripping with an urgency that more of us should be instilled with. The cover art is a black and white drawing of their local crooked sheriff getting curb stomped. This is the real deal here, people. I want more!

 –ty (Organized Crime)