PROPAGANDHI: Supporting Caste: CD

May 26, 2009

I honestly thought I was done with Propagandhi after 2005’s Potemkin City Limits. They just seemed to be going through the motions on that one. Less anger and more pleading didn’t look good on them, and I never listened to the record again. I almost didn’t listen to this one either, but I would have been kicking myself in the nuts for that one (is that even possible?). Supporting Caste is the best thing the band has put out since Less Talk More Rock. First off, it’s heavy, and I mean fuckin’ heavy! Becoming a four piece really adds a new dimension to the sound. It bugs your eyes right out of your head. The lyrical content is, as always, anti- bigotry, homophobia, corporation, and carnivore (but pro cannibal!). They’re even pissed off again! Anarchy never sounded so good!

 –ty (G7 Welcoming Committee)