PROOF I EXIST #12: $2 or trade, 8½” x 5½”, copied, 44 pgs.

Mar 04, 2011

One man’s epic journey from Chicago to Albuquerque. Or to a rural area outside of it, anyway. Billy packs up his dog and his stuff in a Uhaul and hits the road. This issue’s a relatively quick read—he almost runs out of gas on the way there, suffers some existential crisis in a Trader Joe’s, finds a place to live, and buys a truck. It’s all pretty straightforward. He seems like a nice guy, and I’m certainly no one to talk about writing boring zines, but just a little bit more pizzazz, whether in the writing or layout department, would have been nice. –Keith Rosson (Billy, 318C Frost Rd., Sandia Park, NM 87047)