PROLETARIAN ART THREAT: The Long Process of Quitting: CD

Jul 25, 2008

This is the discography of the Cleveland, Ohio, band. This band does frantic rock’n’roll with sort of off-kilter sensibilities that lands it right in between The Bronx and Drive Like Jehu. This is pretty great stuff that probably would have been right at home on Amphetamine Reptile or ‘90s-era Touch and Go. There’s a mix of studio and live recordings on this CD, which I had reservations about at first, but, amazingly, the live stuff actually sounds good. The band had two singers over the course of its three years, and I have to say that the first half of the CD is the stronger half, because first singer Jack Shit really gave the band an extra manic edge over later singer Stephe. This album (especially the first half) is my favorite of the current review batch, especially after spending a little time with it so that I could pick through the franticness and noisy diversions in it, like the odd noise jam/spoken word song “Dub Arrest.”

 –Adrian (Shandi Records and Tapes)