PROJECTION, THE: While You Were Out: CD

May 09, 2012

The case has a sticker proclaiming this punk pop for fans of “Goldfinger, Allister, Hextalls, MxPx, Sick Puppies,” which already tells you a lot. (I do not know how the Hextalls fit into this). I’ll go far as to say after spending four years at a small suburban college, I’ve got a high tolerance for stuff like this, but this thing both a.) Goes into full on nickleback (lowercase on purpose) territory, and b.) Has lyrical content involving tanning during a Florida beach vacation and how they wish they were rock stars. In other words, it’s inexcusable. My advice to them is to just buy a Steinways record and get a shitty temp job like the rest of us.

 –joe (Paramount Drive)

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