German garage punk’n’roll that unfortunately lives up to the expectations put forward by the album title as often as it doesn’t. At their best ((e.g., “I Just Wanna Do It”)), they sound more or less like a next-country-over version of the Kids, with slightly more on-the-nose lyrics ((“I just wanna do it with my baby!” Yeah, well, join the club, pal)); other times you wonder if they could pull off more of a 999-sounding thing if they radically upped the production budget. It’s decent, but face it: If your album cover is just the word “boring” typed over and over and over again and you’re not throwing knockout punches straight out of the gate then you’re just looking for trouble. BEST SONG: “Friends in a Box” BEST SONG TITLE: “Alles ist Kaputt” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: I was going to count how many times the word “boring” appears on the album cover but then decided that was too stupid, even for me. 

 –norb (Wanda)