PROGERIA: Time Flies: CD

Oct 28, 2008

This is the long-awaited full length from one of SoCal’s finest grind outfits. Recorded back in 2006, the music finally sees the light of day: twenty-four anger-infested songs with none of the fluff that some of the more metal grind bands usually give. The band goes straight to the point with speed and energy, not holding back with unnecessary filler. There are no five-minute opuses here. Not one song even reaches the one minute milestone. Dual vocal assault with male guttural vocals and female yells give you the balance of high and low. Lightning fast guitars accompanied by blast beat drumming should fulfill most speed addicts’ desires. Progeria has been a personal favorite of mine for sometime and I know of a few who feel the same. Fans of extreme music should find that this meets the need for speed and aggression.

 –don (Progeria,

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