PROFESSION: ILL: Discography: CD

Mar 08, 2010

I was stopped on the street by a young man. “You review records, don’t you?” He then handed me a paper bag with a couple of CDs and a cassette. “I have a label. Here’s some stuff I’ve put out.” With that, he was gone. I have no information about Profession: Ill other than I’m pretty sure they hail from the eastern part of Canada. They play stripped-down old school hardcore punk that had me thinking of Black Flag or The Weirdos without sounding like a carbon copy. Kind of like The Regulations. My favorite song title here is “Rum, Sodomy, and the Thrash” but a close second would be “Repetition Killed the Cat,” mainly because almost every song on the disc is on here twice. Good stuff. I’d like to hear more from.

 –ty (Shred City)