PROFANE EXISTENCE #64: $2 U.S. ppd., $4 Can. ppd., 11 ½” x 17”, newsprint, 36 pgs.

Jun 13, 2014

Nearly forty pages’ worth of assorted content collected from the Profane Existence blog—all of the columns and interviews herein were originally published online in 2012 or 2013. I admit that I’ve never been a constant follower of this punk monolith. Frankly, my personal existence can hardly be considered profane, and it’s been a while since I’ve paid much attention to most bands on the brutal/crusty/illegible patches end of the spectrum. But it’s a mistake to think of Profane Existence as a one-dimensional entity, and I found it more relevant to my tastes in this issue than I would have guessed from the rotting corpse pictured on the cover. Mixed in with the requisite Neurosis and Misery pieces are interviews with punks from all walks of life, from animal rights activists to rural farmers to illustrators and photographers, along with dozens of columns on as many topics. Not every one is a slam dunk, but with this much content available, there’s bound to be something interesting to practically any kind of punk. The words are densely packed, information crammed into every inch of the full-size spread, and I can’t imagine reading this cover-to-cover in one sitting any more than I would the Wall Street Journal(all right, it’s a little more likely than that). As with most publications of the punk-as-fuck and finger-staining variety, this could also stand some more stringent copyediting here and there—though an editor’s note preemptively advises me to “shut [my] fucking hole” about that. But as a vast and easily accessible resource for all manner of punk-related writing, this is certainly worth at least a good flip-through. –Indiana Laub (Profane Existence, PO Box 18051, MPLS, MN 55418,