PROFANE EXISTENCE #62: $2, 10” x 15”, newsprint, 20 pgs.

Jan 23, 2012

Profane Existence certainly gives Maximum Rocknroll a run for their money in the newsprint-on-the-fingers category. Since getting rid of their glossy cover, it’s all newsprint and in a unique size. (Thankfully, for those not interested in the finger smudging, the zine is also available at their website in a PDF format.) This issue starts with a very good story about forming a union at Jimmy Johns in Minneapolis and then runs through the usual cycle of letters, columns, interviews, and reviews. I had no idea who any of the bands were they interviewed (Resist, Asta Kask, Colera, and Napalm Raid), nor did I know any of the bands whose albums were reviewed, with the exception of Doom. However, I found the columns to be interesting—it’s always intriguing to hear what others in the punk community are doing. In this issue, there are talks about a dog dying, growing older (here’s to being forty and punk!), living off the grid, and bumming around the country. With zines like MRR and Profane Existence, the columns are the main reason I read them. The opportunity to learn new things from individuals always keeps me entertained and engaged. In that sense, this zine is pretty cool, but I’m certainly not their target demographic in regards to the music covered. -Kurt Morris (Profane Existence, PO Box 196, Mountain View, CA 94042)



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