P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S.: Hit and Run: 7”

I’m not a sophisticated music aficionado. I like what I like, and sometimes what I like is kind of stupid. For example, one thing that always turns me on is when a song starts with a perfectly timed guttural shout. Not a long shout, just a staccato “Uh!”—like the singer got punched in the gut right when the recording started. The first track on this record, a great, high energy, Humpers-lovin’ rocker, starts with a solid “Uh!” But it doesn’t end there! The singer drops a couple more well-placed “Uh!”s throughout. It’s pretty marvelous. Now if there was a proper whistle in there somewhere, I’d be all set. 

 –mp (Doomtown Sounds)