Jul 06, 2010

This is a reference I thought I would never use in Razorcake, but for all the world this band sounds to me like Bob Seger. Yes, a harder rocking, artier Bob Seger for sure, but Bob Seger none the less. The reason I say this is because the vocals have the bar rock vibe of something that would be on a classic rock station (In my hometown of Ruidoso it was 101.5, “The Kid”), and the alto sax on most of this album only reinforces that feeling. Some of the tracks like “Large Hadron Collider” and “New Shoes” actually have an alright spacey, party rock thing going on, but, man, I really don’t like the saxophone. It keeps making me feel like the song “Katmandu” is getting ready to jump out from behind a shady corner and aurally knee-cap me.

 –Adrian (Joyful Noise)