PRIZEFIGHT: Self-titled: CD

Jun 23, 2009

I want so badly to be wrong about bands, I can taste it. As soon as I saw the junior high art-project cover and the song titles that look like titles of really dripsy poems penned by Maya Angelou, I felt that sick feeling like when you find a butt hair on your toothbrush. This thing just screamed “emo” and I hadn’t even taken the CD out of the jewel case yet. But I hoped to be proven wrong. And lo and fucking behold, the first song “Happy Fun Ball” ripped out from the speakers and brought out full-blown visions of Slip-era Quicksand in my head and I got excited. The second song dipped a bit, but still sounded like a mix of Quicksand and late ‘90s Integrity. Maybe this will finally be the band to make me wrong, I thought. But no. If this CD would have been only one song long – even two – I would’ve given this an embarrassingly glowing review. But you fooled me. By song three I felt stupid and hopelessly right. I wasn’t wrong again. Fuck. Why do they continue to torture me?

 –aphid (Loud + Clear)