PRINCESS THUNDERSTORM / ELECTRIC DAMN: Woodfin Confidential: Split 12”

Mar 27, 2008

Princess Thunderstorm: Given better recording capabilities, they really cleaned out the sound from last year’s 7” and are bringing out the full-blown metal. The guitars completely outweigh everything else on the record, but at least it’s still got those great pissed-off vocals that range from sung to a vicious yell. And the lyrics are still totally weird and punk. Electric Damn: This band is just tripped-out rock. There are lots of instrumental parts that involve massive amounts of harmonizing guitar solos. Headbangin’, mindblowing, hesher shit that borders on cock rock, if you don’t consider them the same thing. This makes me need to go listen to the Siege LP.

 –Daryl Gussin (Family Night)