I take it the title of High and Tight isn’t just referring to the haircut being given to the youngster on the cover, but also to the state of mind of the barber and said youngster (drunk and, well, high). This album sits on the line of lo-fi-ish garage pop and pop punk. The singer does a good, bratty Nobunny vocal (if it isn’t actually Nobunny himself… hmm). Bands of this ilk these days seem to shoot for that Nobunny vocal sound, whereas many pop punk bands from the mid-late ‘90s heyday of pop punk tried too hard to sound like Ben Weasel. Songs are catchy, singalong-y, and have that power chord pinky tapping riff that I’ll always dig. This record was released by three different labels! 

 –Sal Lucci (Resurrection, / P.Trash, / FDH,