PRIESTS: Bodies and Control and Money and Power: CD

Priests toured with one of my favorite bands, Good Throb, so my interest was piqued when this CD came my way. Interesting choice for a tour buddy. Everything that I love and expect from Good Throb (gnarly, distorted, unpolished and unapologetically so), is the exact opposite of Priests. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing. Hailing from DC, Priests are a no-frills minimalist post-punk band. It’s got a retro vibe, but still remains fresh, potent. Sonic comparisons like tinges of Breeders, Bikini Kill, and even the Cramps work, but really they have a sound all their own. Politically driven lyrics—”Obama killed something in me” strike a chord. Something that all of us hopefuls felt as we once stood at the precipice, but now find ourselves flattened at bottom with doubt and disillusionment. Bodies and Control and Money and Power is a worthy album, there just seems something missing to really put this one over the top. I’ll be watching for what’s next.

 –Camylle Reynolds (Don Giovanni)