PRIDS, THE: Glide, Screamer: EP

Jul 21, 2009

The second EP from this Portland (OR) based three-piece is three studio tracks and one live. Opening with the title track – which starts with an empty, delicate bass then in comes guitar and drums. This the dance club hit. Reminding me a bit of New Order, then bursting into a strong, dark rock. Low, even sexy, male vocals croon. Backing it are female vocals that are slightly off time from the main, which makes the vocal tracks very distinct. A five minute track that doesn't seem to ever last long enough. "Human Astronomy," is where you can see more of the slight shoe-gazer feel, female vocals are lead this time – where they come off coy and even sensual, with a monumental musical backing that at times even reminds me a bit of Pink Floyd (but in a good powerful way, I swear! Circa Meddle. Fuck you if you don't like Floyd!) – just because the breakdowns are so spacey and strong. Sending you into space, and then back down into the world you know – or wish you didn't. A quick two minute song, it makes quite an impact. Okay, that’s a little dramatic. But the Prids make me feel transcendent. What can I say? Side B, don't forget to slow the speed down (that gets me every time). More male vocals, "Persona Solara," is another danceable track. Songs about girls always make for drama with bands like this. Strings, keyboards, and more sensual vocals. I love the bass line that goes throughout this song, it really carries it – giving that Jesus & Mary Chain Psychocandy feel. The live track, "Duracraft," which is from their first EP (of the same title) is okay. The recording isn't the best. It sounds like it was recorded more in the audience. You can hear people talking and chit-chatting over screams and howls. I'm sure the studio track is lovely – a very Joy Division sounding track with a very pissed off sounding Mistina on vocals. Clocking in at almost seven minutes, it is a tad long as well. But shit, all the howling and screaming people do at the end sure make you wish you were there, beer in hand, dancing. If the Prids were around in 1985, the girls would have worn the same lipstick as Mistina, boys would have the same hair as Jarius, everyone would wear the same eyeliner as David, and they would have been here, there, and everywhere. Overall a great EP. I'm excited to hear more – hopefully a full length in the future. Yeah, neo-new wave! –Sarah Stierch

 –guest (Self released)