Jan 31, 2008

Reminds me quite a bit of a slowed down piss-take of the Men’s Recovery Project Normal Man 7”, just not as dynamic and way too mired in feedback to make it terribly effective. It’s also kind of like, I don’t know, if one of the guys from Born Against and one of the guys from Tractor Sex Fatality met in a hillbilly bar, wanted to start a band that channeled Jon Spencer but decided to simply butt-funnel shots of snake venom instead, got wasted, decided to start the band anyway and asked Luke from Science Of Yabra to sing for em. It’s okay stuff, if somewhat repetitive. I mean, I bet they’re pretty crazed live, and probably manage to throw out some pretty good sonic bricks in a basement show, but it’s just falling a little flat and monotonous when it comes to ye olde compact disc listening.

 –keith (Auxillary)

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