PREYING HANDS: Through the Dark: CD

Sep 23, 2009

This Montreal band sounds like Annie from This Is My Fist singing for Strike Anywhere. Those two flavors go together like chicken and waffles. Annie, if you’re reading this, I just called you a waffle. You’re a waffle! Preying Hands’ singer is a woman with a scratchy voice who manages to make lyrics like “They breed their hate/The bloodthirsty citizenry, hiding behind birthright” come out catchy. The music is gritty, fast, and catchy; a mix of ‘90s skate punk and posi-core with metal leads. My one gripe is that they never tinker with the formula, and the songs blend together a few tracks in, but I’ve still played this CD three times today. More waffles, please!

 –CT Terry (Inimical)

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