Nov 20, 2012

Prevenge: Shouty not-quite-hardcore punk rock. I feel like I’ve heard these songs before with different names. Kind of reminds me of the punk bands Fat Wreck was signing in the mid-2000s, like The Sainte Catherines and the heavier bits of Smoke Or Fire. Could use some more variety, but good songwriting nonetheless. Shared Arms: Emo-tinged skate punk. The singer almost sounds like Jason Shevchuk which is cool, but I wish the song was as short as a Kid Dynamite one. Even if its length is longer than my personal preference, it does justify itself with motions of the music—changing paces and feel just enough times to move in all the right ways. Good stuff.

 –Bryan Static (Pavones, / Tragicomedy, / Guerilla, / Struggletown / Juice Box)

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