PRETTYS, THE: Empty Heads: Cassette

May 06, 2015

This kind of retro-gazing glam rock kind of walks a line for me—it’s either a neat take on what proto-punk garage bands would sound like if Iggy Pop or Johnny Thunders were born in 1992... or it’s obnoxious cock rock dressed up in leather jackets and Beatle boots. The Prettys land a few songs on each side. At their best, they’re a bouncy, raspy reissue of “Fell in Love with a Girl”-era White Stripes, so that’s fun. On the other hand, I think I just heard the dude sing that a “red-headed slut”‘s friend thinks he’s a creep, which is probably true. Apologies if there’s some lyrical context I missed that makes that less gross, but that’s what you get for not printing lyrics. 

 –Indiana Laub (Shake!, [email protected],