PRETTY VANILLA: 7 Inches Deep: 7”

Sep 23, 2009

I watched a video at Pretty Vanilla’s MySpace page, and while it was a shitty recording they sounded kind of loud and a little rough around the edges. And I could dig that even if I wasn’t totally down with their glam meets early hair metal look. But the music on the seven inch is so polished it’s boring. Some of the songs sound like they should have been featured on Happy Days. The vocals are high pitched and kind of reminded me of Superchunk in that sense that you might go a long time thinking that the vocalist is a woman only to find out sometime later that it’s actually a dude. Their song “Paper Tiger” had a nice, muddy-sounding guitar solo that started to show what I heard on the video. But that little part was the only sign of hope I heard on this otherwise poor 1960s throwback. My suggestion: look into recording more lo-fi or analog, get a little dirtier, fuzzier sound on the guitar and lose the cheesy backup vocals. If I want to listen to stuff like you’re playing, I’ll go rent a copy of Back to the Future.

 –kurt (