May 27, 2009

I like this. It’s got that frenetic, about-to-pop-but-don’t-worry-everything’s-under-control feel of At the Drive-In. It’s complex but not confusing. They don’t forget to always propel their songs forward to keep the ass a-wigglin’ and the heads a-bobbin’. It’s also good because they don’t shy away from the occasional tantrum and use a synthesizer in a way that doesn’t suck scrote. The guitars scream down from far away mountains and tackle each other, like head-butting rams. Solid, exciting, repeated thuds. All the songs topple and spin and shoot around constantly like a perfect play on a really good pinball game (like Monster Mash). The female-fronted vocals add to the texture, watershed the harmonies, and then sprays them back out so the album seems to be dripping all around you like a fine mist when it’s on the stereo, permeating everything it touches. Exciting stuff. For what it’s worth, the bassist used to be in the Murder City Devils. Sounds nothing like ‘em.

 –todd (Lookout)