Nov 28, 2006

What a difference recording can make. I reviewed their 7” in the last issue and thought it was decent, but felt that there was something missing. I can’t say the same for this full-length. There’s so much more energy and so much more passion. Maybe it was lost in the fuzz on the 7”, but the three songs that are on both releases (especially “Things I Should Have Told You Before” and “Two Step Across Two Harbors”) sound almost like a new song was created between the two recordings. They remind of me a bit of Shakey Bones, where there is a strong tie to roots music, but there’s way too much punch and energy to call it folk. (Plus it wouldn’t do either band justice to make pigeonhole them like that.) At times, reminiscent of Cranford Nix’s gloomy outlook and voice. At other times, they sound like they’d be right at home on a show with any of the Tampa/ A.D.D. bands. This, on repeat, has been my commute soundtrack for two weeks straight. I just can’t take it out of my CD player. Fantastic.

 –megan (Ragged But Right / Redemption Value)